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On August 1, 1981, MTV played the first music video, "Video Killed the Radio Star" by The Buggles, beginning an era of 24-hour-a-day music on television and changed how music was broadcast forever.

Do you enjoy watching your favorite artists perform? Well, now you can make your event unique & memorable by allowing us to bring your favorite music alive through Music Video.  This is your opportunity to make your club, bar, restaurant or any party different from any other, leaving a lasting memory for friends to rave about.

"It's All About The Fun"

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VJ - Music Video

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URock Entertainment Video DJ has the ultimate in entertainment for every occasion & event. We are one of the first area DJ’s that can offer a digital video service, on a mobile basis. This gives you the opportunity to have all your favorite music videos played at your event or club.

With nearly 40 years of music industry experience performing as a drummer/vocalist, Donny Dee knows the powerful impact music has audibly, as well as visually, and will bring to you that exciting video music experience in clubs, restaurants, bars, birthday parties, special events, corporate events and the like.  We do our best to have on hand, and play, your favorite song requests in video music format.   It is one thing to hear music, but it’s another thing to see and hear that same music through our vivid digital video music system. 

We subscribe to Professional DJ music/video subscription companies to get our music and video.  We have videos of the original artists from the 60's through the current top hits.  Using our DJ software, we are able to "mix" music videos and project them wirelessly onto the TV screens in your establishment as well as our own LED monitors.  Now you can listen, watch, dance and be entertained by the actual videos recorded by the artists themselves.

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